Lighting & Special Effect System

We provide professional lighting systems and lighting control solutions for Events & Exhibitions.

Our products include :- Moving Heads, Par Cans, Lasers, LED Lights, Fresnel Lights, Profile Lights, Haze & Smoke Machine, Confetti Blasters etc.

Audio System

Our experienced team of professionals in sound systems makes it a priority to keep up with the latest technology in the ever changing market and to bring you the most up-to-date system design.

Our products include :- Speakers, Sound Mixers, DJ Players, Microphones Simultaneous Translation System, Audio Conference System

Video System

A full range of visual services are available to compliment your Events or Exhibition stands.

Our Products Include :- LCDs / Plasmas / LED Screens, LED Video Wall, Seamless Video Wall Projectors & Projection Screens, Laptops, Watch-Out System Video Conference System

Trussing , Rigging & Stage

We provide an extensive range of Trussing , Rigging equipments & Stage (Indoor/Outdoor) with skirting and backdrop for Exhibitions & Events.

Utilizing off-the-shelf trussing components is an easy way to provide a high tech, ultra modern type of environment.

Trussing can be configured to support screens, banners & stretch fabric while individual sections can accent a stage and provide functionality to support lighting instruments.